Technology Responsible Use Policy (RUP)


Technology Responsible Use Policy (RUP)

This responsible use policy is meant to embody and support the AC Technology Vision Statement, as well as, the school wide mission and vision. We strive to provide students with unlimited opportunities for learning and growing into global, ethical leaders in their current and future lives, digital and otherwise.

The school's technology infrastructure and network play a major role in how we provide the opportunities that enhance and transform student learning. To ensure these resources are always available, it is imperative that all members of the learning community use technology in a manner consistent with our mission and core values. We hold all users of technology in our community; faculty, staff, students, families, guests, and visitors, to this policy.  

In some cases, technology users’ behavior is guided by clearly articulated expectations, but in other cases, they must make wise decisions about their own behavior, through  a sense of good citizenship, and as a responsible member of the AC community. Technology users should be aware that these expectations apply to any device used at AC, even those not provided by the school.

Be a responsible, ethical, and respectful user

The way we use technology tools to communicate information has a powerful effect on our learning community. Responsible use will lead to better, more effective learning while irresponsible use will diminish it. A strong respect for the principles of digital citizenship is essential for us to live our mission at AC.

Protect yourself and others

  • Be smart and think before you post any personal information or images of yourself online. Remember that the internet is indelible.
  • Be respectful of the privacy of others by being considerate about what you post on social media about others.
  • Don’t share your usernames and passwords with others. Parents could know student passwords, but avoid sharing beyond that. It keeps you, and the person you thought of sharing with, safe by avoiding any problems.
  • Remember that reading deleting or copying anyone’s work besides your own is not only irresponsible, it’s also disrespectful.
  • Don’t be tempted into an internet fight. Protect each other and stand up to bullies and trolls by ignoring them.

Be original. Be yourself.

  • Don’t try to copy or forge anything for any reason. You learn more if you're honest about your work.
  • Always properly cite the work of others you use or refer to. Expect the same of work you share.
  • Don’t lie about your age to access media or social networks you shouldn’t.

Be Aware

  • Remember that access to technology is a privilege that carries important responsibilities.  
  • Only use software and media you have a license for.  Not doing so is stealing.
  • A short brain break is ok, but remember that we are working and learning in a community.  Don’t use our shared bandwidth to access media unrelated to learning.
  • Think about how your words will impact who you’ve directed them to. Don’t be a bully. Treat others how you would want to be treated.

Be Prepared to Learn

  • Be sure you maintain your device with the appropriate software and updates.
  • Be sure your device is fully charged and ready for a full day of learning.
  • Be responsible about asking for help from our AC Tech services team if you’re having problems with your device.
  • Be responsible with your device and care for it physically, Keep it in a safe, secure place at all times.

Be Healthy and Balanced

  • Sometimes teachers and other school authorities will ask you not to use your device. This is important for us to practice balance, and to encourage other social and physical activity.
  • Avoid excessive use of technology. Sometimes a face to face conversation is the best option.
  • Be a producer and not just a consumer of digital content. Don’t be a couch potato. Contribute creatively.
  • Be active/ Spend time outdoors, away from technology. Connect with friends and family that are here.

Monitored Use and Consequences

In cases where there are concerns that electronic communications systems are being used inappropriately, AC Tech Services staff may monitor technology use. Similarly, all network traffic is monitored on a regular basis. AC reserves the right to inspect all devices and electronic media, and to carry out appropriate disciplinary action in cases of misconduct. AC does not take responsibility for personal media or information transmitted to a third party by a student, nor does it take responsibility for any repercussions that may occur from said action (e.g. posting photos on a social networking website).

Deliberate attempts to violate AC's Responsible Use Policy, compromise, degrade or disrupt system performance may result in restricted use of technology at school or other appropriate consequences. Academia Cotopaxi may limit, suspend or revoke a student's access to the school's technology systems or the network upon violation of the Responsible Use Policy.