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Our Committee

About the Committee

The Committee for Child Protection was formed in June 2016 and is composed of our Counselors as well as select members of our Faculty and Administration. This group participated in the AAIE Child Protection Workshop last year and the work of the Committee is an integral part of our “Whole Child” educational approach at Academia Cotopaxi.

Committee Members

Tanya Duran-Ballen
Master in School Psychology
School Psychologist

Delaney Keyes
Master in Arts (Family Therapy)
School Counseling Degree

Cristina Salazar
Master in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language
Grade 4 Teacher

Gina Del Hierro
Master in Business Administration
Director of Human Resources

Fernanda Navarrete
Masters in Family Therapy
Psychologist IMAGINE

Additional Members:

  • Administration Team
  • Board of Trustees
  • Head of School
  • School Counselors


Objectives of the Committee:

  • Assist the school in creating a Child Protection Program that is appropriate and applicable to international schools in their local setting;
  • Provide all of the necessary definitions and assessment tools for clear identification and recognition of abuse/neglect situations;
  • Ensure a high standard of child protection in the school;
  • Ensure that prompt and adequate assistance is provided to a child in need of special care and protection;
  • Define procedures for staff members and establish clear reporting guidelines and mechanisms;
  • Outline processes and protocols for the school in connecting to its local community, and to agencies for child protection support; and
  • Provide sample personal safety/abuse prevention lessons, curriculum modules, and resources to educate both adults and children about the dangers of child maltreatment, its recognition, and its prevention.