Volcano Preparedness

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Volcano Preparedness

Please remember we are at a safe distance from volcano Cotopaxi. Nevertheless, here is the process that AC will follow if we decide to evacuate the campus for any reason.

  1. You will receive an SMS to the mobile emergency number we have on file indicating that we are evacuating the campus. Please note that we test the system and you may receive a test SMS periodically.
  2. A pop up message will be posted on our website indicating we are evacuating campus.
  3. You may also receive a phone call from our staff with the same message.
  4. No visitors will be allowed on campus at this time, instead, parents and representatives will be asked to wait at front gate for PK through grade 12 and at IMAGINE/Language Center front gate for IMAGINE students (guard entrance).
  5. You or your authorized representative for pick-up will be given a form at the guard’s office where you will write your name, your child(ren) name and grades. Below you can download a sample of that form; you may also print this form and keep it handy in your car(s) if an evacuation is called.
  6. A “runner” (AC/IMAGINE teacher) will bring your child(ren) to you at the gate where you will sign that you (or your authorized representative) received the children.
    1. AC will only allow children to leave with an authorized representative. This authorization is recorded in our student information system (Skyward) and/or in our authorization binder or as an official request received the day of the evacuation.
    2. High School students will not be allowed to leave school by themselves, they must be accompanied by an authorized representative.
  7. Please note that if you have children in AC and IMAGINE, you will need to pick up your children from both locations. We highly recommend you go to AC first and then IMAGINE so that younger children are in a familiar environment for as long as possible.


Please note that our campus is a safe location and if you are not able to pick up your children, they will be under our care until a representative arrives. We have masks, water and food for all AC community members.

In the unlikely event that children need to stay overnight, we have identified AC host homes in Campo Alegre where children will be comfortable until their family arrives.

If school is not in session but students are using school transportation, we will take into account distance of bus from campus in order take a decision of whether the child will be taken to the school or dropped off at their home. Parents will be notified accordingly.

If you have any questions, please contact your Child’s division.


Cotopaxi Volcano - School Trips and Sport Events

The following is the procedure for school trips and sports events developed jointly with “sister” schools in Quito where our students may participate in away games or attend other school related events.

1. The adults (e.g., coaches or counselors) accompanying students are to have accurate attendance, information regarding any medical condition that could worsen during an emergency, and up to date contact information for parents and guardians of those students.
2. The adults accompanying students are to assure that every student has a protection (emergency) kit.
3. Parents will be notified by the adults accompanying the students to come and pick up their children, as soon as possible, at the school where they are located.
4. If a parent is unable to pick up their child, the school will keep the child until the parent or authorized adult can come to pick them up.
5. The adults accompanying the students may not leave until all students have been picked up by a parent or authorized adult.