Earthquake Preparedness

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Earthquake Preparedness

The following outlines the school’s emergency evacuation procedures and how you can be prepared as a member of our community.

In the event of an earthquake, here is how we respond:

  • If you are indoors, STAY INDOORS. DROP, COVER AND HOLD ON!
  • If outdoors, stay outside.  Get away from buildings, power lines and trees.  Crouch down and cover your head.
  • Once the tremor stops, everyone must evacuate and report to the upper soccer field or Primary field, avoiding overhead wires and buildings. Attendance will be taken.  Everyone should stay in their safety areas until “all clear” or if “evacuate” is made and to return of classes/offices.
  • Emergency brigade and Administration inspects buildings and campus for any potential effects of the earthquake.
  • Evacuation and notification of families of incident occurs if tremor is major, has caused damage to people and property or as deemed necessary by Administration.


  • If school is not in session, you will receive an SMS and email notifying you that the school is closed and NOT to send your children to school. You can also check for updates on our website ( as well as Twitter (@acotopaxi) and Facebook.
  • If school is in session and depending on the emergency at hand, students may be dismissed early. We will communicate with you via SMS, website alerts and phone tree (if applicable).
    1. Students will remain on campus and under our care until you are called to pick up your children or early dismissal in bus.
    2. In the unlikely event students have to remain on campus for an extended period of time, we have supplies for all our community members.
    3. If you cannot pick up your child or we cannot reach you, your child will remain under our care until you can be reached or alternate arrangements can be made with your permission.
    4. We have two doctors on campus and one medical office at IMAGINE Valley as well as a crisis committee (administrators, counselors, security personnel) that have met and are clear about their responsibilities in the event of an emergency.
  • If school is not in session but students are using school transportation, we will take into account distance of bus from campus in order take a decision of whether the child will be taken to the school or dropped off at their home. Parents will be notified accordingly.