School Director's Welcome


School Director's Welcome

A warm welcome to Ecuador and to Academia Cotopaxi American International School! Thank you for visiting us. We hope that our website communicates our enthusiasm for learning, commitment to excellence, respect for diversity, and how deeply we care for each member of our community.

The beautiful country of Ecuador is our home, and like this small and remarkable country, we have much to offer! Ecuador has an incredibly varied landscape that never ceases to astonish. From the breathtaking heights of the Andes mountains, to the vast tropical rainforests of the Amazon basin, to the sun-kissed beaches of the Pacific Coast, to the glorious Galapagos Islands, Ecuador has one of the most biologically diverse range of ecosystems on the planet. We take pride in this country in which we live, it has captured our hearts and souls and we consider it a part of who we are.

Academia Cotopaxi’s mission drives our school – it is the compass that guides us ever forward to the future. Like Ecuador’s history, we are a school in motion, blending familiar traditions with new ideas, adapting to a fast-paced, changing world. We know that schools cannot stay the same as they have been for the past hundred years, so like many schools around the world, we are re-inventing ourselves - using new technologies, designing fresh programs, beginning new ways of assessing, documenting, and reporting on learning. Our educators are passionate about new ways of teaching and they are serious professionals, always seeking better ways to improve their practice.

As an English language school with an international clientele from 30 different nationalities, we value diversity – that means we believe that difference makes us strong. We teach our students to understand diverse perspectives, to be curious and to make connections across various academic disciplines, to develop empathy and compassion even for those with whom they disagree, and ultimately, to become honorable and ethical young people ready for the global world beyond our school. We are an inclusive school, welcoming students with a broad range of learning needs. We have students from diverse cultural backgrounds, students learning English as a second or a third language, students with learning disabilities and with physical and behavioral challenges, students who are highly capable, and students with various interests outside of school. Our programs are designed to enable each student to develop to their full potential, taking ownership for their own learning.

Unique to an American-style education is the commitment to partnership with parents. Decades of research indicate that parental involvement in education results in greater school achievement. At Academia Cotopaxi, we believe in a partnership with parents based on mutual trust and respect, and we are committed to helping parents learn too. This partnership makes our school a special place for parents. If you want to actively support your child in learning, and if you are curious about new approaches to teaching and learning and you want to be a learner yourself, then we are the school for you.

As you visit our campus, you will notice that we enjoy collaborating with each other to seek out innovative ideas and practices, and that we strive for excellence in all areas of our organization. In our cheerful, upbeat environment, members of our community are happy, engaged, and empowered. Come join us and help make this school an even more extraordinary place!


Madeleine Maceda Heide