When you are in class you should always be aware of what your teacher wants you to be doing at any given time.

You may not use your device to stream videos, music or games, unless directed by your teacher. You may not email for personal use, use chat programs, or social networking sites. You may not use your device for anything that your teacher is unaware of.

With the permission of the teacher, you can use your device when you are in a supervised area. This could be in the library, the cafeteria, or in a classroom with a teacher. You can play games that are installed on your machine, listen to music quietly (already downloaded on your device), email classmates or complete homework. However, without the permission of a teacher, you should put your device away and have fun, and be active.

You cannot stream videos, music or play inappropriate online games. All content on your device must be appropriate. Games that are excessively violent are not permitted.

You can install software on your machines, but only with parental permission. Torrents and download are not allowed using the AC Network.

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