Principal's Welcome

High School

Principal's Welcome

It is my honor to welcome you to school year 2017-2018 at Academia Cotopaxi. Welcome returning students and welcome to our new students! I am sure you will find the High School (HS) experience to be challenging, friendly, fun and inspiring.

Students, as you experience HS at AC, the HS Faculty and I challenge you to own your own learning. We will challenge you to set challenging goals for your studies, activities and community service. We will ask you to present these goals to your parents and teachers, verbalizing your hopes. We will ask you to reflect on your Approaches to Learning, self-assess and identify areas of growth for you. Then we will ask you to learn and when learning is tough for you, to seek assistance from your teachers and peers. It will get tough and that is when you must own your own learning, identifying it is hard and that you need help.

It is my goal, and that of the HS Faculty, that we craft a HS experience in which the student experience is full—full of learning, opportunities to grow and have fun with an inclusive and supportive student body. While that is our goal, you, the student makes it happen. Do well in your studies and be a motivated student who latches on to every opportunity to support your learning! Grab hold of your HS experience, develop new or join established programs, build an activities transcript showing to prospective universities that you will be an active and involved student! Become a leader of an activity, society, and team or in the Associated Student Body. This is your school—make it yours!

The relationship between a student’s parents/guardians and school is critical and directly impacts a student’s success. My door is open and your feedback is important.

Garth Wyncoll
High School Principal